Our lab meeting takes place every Monday at 15:30 in room B.00.68 unless indicated otherwise.

17-10-2016 Katja
10-10-2016 Silvan
3-10-2016 Willem Frankenhuis
26-9-2016 No meeting
19-9-2016 No meeting
12-9-2016 Judith talked about her new project on the representation of complexity in motor cortex.
5-9-2016 Sanne presented the results of her recent work on letter decoding.
August Summer break
25-7-2016 Anke Marit talked about her work on mental images in early visual cortex.
18-7-2016 Marieke presented her findings on decoding working memory from MEG data.
11-7-2016 Suhas Vijayakumar talked about his work on the organisation of the motor cortex.
4-7-2016 Nadine presented the results of her study on neural representations of imagined and perceived stimuli and discussed ideas for a future DCM study.
27-6-2016 No group meeting
20-6-2016 No group meeting
14-6-2016 Alessandra Griffia > Tuesday 15.00
6-6-2016 Luca talked about Gaussian processes as a bridge between theoretical modelling and data analysis in neuroscience.
30-5-2016 Andrew gave a talk about the locus coereleus and his idea for a new driving simulation study to engage the LC.
23-5-2016 Rowan talked about the ventral stream of visual processing and what happens at the top.
16-5-2016 no group meeting
9-5-2016 Sander gave an overview of two new projects that are being prepared on deep neural networks and decision making and working memory.
3-5-2016 Jan presented his work on automated tremor detection in Parkinson’s disease based on brain signals.
25-4-2016 Nadine presented the preliminary findings of her project on the effect of imagery vividness on the overlap between perception and imagery.
18-4-2016 Ronald gave a talk on clustered activity estimation with Spatial Adjacency Restrictions.
11-4-2016 Katja led a discussion about what deep neural networks could tell us about brain function.
4-4-2016 Silvan presented the PPM of his next project on how priors influence the temporal dynamics of noisy stimuli processing and Tom presented his master project.
28-3-2016 no group meeting
21-3-2016 Bernhard Englitz gave a talk on coding in balanced neural networks.
14-3-2016 no group meeting
7-3-2016 Umut presented on encoding and decoding in fMRI with recurrent neural networks
29-2-2016 Marcel talked about fMRI data analyses and pitfalls
22-2-2016 Kevin Koschmieder practiced his PPM.
15-2-2016 Marieke van de Nieuwenhuijzen presented drawbacks of different multivariate methods.
8-2-2016 Max Hinne gave a talk about the work he did during his PhD on probabilistic models for brain connectivity. He also discussed some ideas he has for future projects during his post doc in the lab.
1-2-2016 Jordy Thielen practiced his PPM.
25-1-2016 Karen Ambrosa gave a talk about the work she did on validating structural brain connectivity graphs during het visit here.
18-1-2016 Tomas Knapen showed us how little we actually know about the mechanisms that underly the BOLD signal. His PhD student Daan van Es talked about his research into the flexibility of spatial representations in the visual system.
11-1-2016 Katja Muller presented an overview of her PhD project
4-1-2016 Silvan & Nadine presented an overview of their PhD project
28-12-2015 Christmas break
21-12-2015 Sander Bosch presented the research he has done during his PhD about memory encoding and retrieval.
14-12-2015 David Hoffmann presented the results from his project on improving decoding and encoding of BOLD signal in early visual areas by using clustering techniques.
7-12-2015 No meeting
30-11-2015 Peter Kok presented on neural signatures of prediction in laminar fMRI.
23-11-2015 Jordy Thielen gave a talk on the Noise-Tagging BCI project.
16-11-2015 No group meeting
9-11-2015 Nadine Dijkstra presented a PPM presentation for her new project “Comparing Perception and Imagery: Representations and Interactions over the whole Brain”.
2-11-2015 Katja Müller gave a talk about her master project in which she made an unsupervised encoding model for spatio-temporal data based on a hierarchical K-means algorithm. She used this model to predict BOLD responses to videos in visual areas.
26-10-2015 Silvan Quax presented a paper on the development of priors in the ferret brain. The paper can be found here.
19-10-2015 Dr. Alexander Leemans from Utrecht University gave a talk on guidelines and critical considerations of Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI).
12-10-2015 No meeting
05-10-2015 Claudia Lüttke presented a paper giving a neurocomputational account of what happens during the McGurk effect and shared some thoughts on how this could be extended to include the after-effects of the McGurk effect. The paper can be found here.
28-9-2015 Ronald Janssen talked about the computing cluster.
21-9-2015 Marieke van de Nieuwenhuijzen talked about her project ‘The spatiotemporal dynamics of visual category perception’.
14-9-2015 Max Hinne selected few interesting videos:The first is a short introduction to long term short term memory  (LSTM) neural networks by Hinton, which relates also to neural Turing machines (NTMs).

The second video is a TED talk entitled “The real reason for brains”, which relates to our recurrent topic about different brain theories.

The third one is long but you can check it out on your own time: “Sampling: a probabilistic approach to cortical computation, learning, and development“.

07-9-2015 Haiteng Jiang gave a presentation about his PhD thesis with the title “Characterizing brain oscillations in cognition and disease”.
Summer break
06-7-2015 Sanne Schoenmakers talked about her ICA analyses of task-based fMRI data. With ICA you can extract and study regions of interest, but it also turns out to be a much stronger test to see what is going on in the brain than the standard GLM. You get different networks of activity, time and process information and you exclude more noise form your task activity.
29-6-2015 Nadine Dijkstra presented her master project “The spatiotemporal dynamics of binocular rivalry”.
22-6-2015 Umut Güçlü did a practice run for his project proposal “Neural encoding and decoding of conceptual knowledge with vector space models”.
15-6-2015 Pasi Jylänki presented a paper titled “The pigeon as particle filter” which discusses whether (occasionally) abrupt and impulsive learning of animals could be characterized as a particle filter with only a few particles. This relates to our previous discussions on general brain theories such as the free energy principle by considering what type of algorithms could be the most natural models for human learning.
08-6-2015 We listened to a talk by Erik-Jan Wagenmakers about Bayesian hypothesis testing: “Bayesian Analyses with JASP: A Fresh Way to do Statistics”.
02-6-2015 Marieke van de Nieuwenhuijzen gave a presentation with the title “Decoding of perception part 2 – the story of activations”.
25-5-2015 Holiday
18-5-2015 We will continue our general topic about different models for life and intelligence in general by watching a talk by Jürgen Schmidhuber. He describes a possibility that this universe and life in general could be generated by a very simple and fast program computing all logically possible universes (“In the beginning was the code”). Other interesting talks by Jürgen Schmidhuber: “Universal AI and a Formal Theory of Fun”, “When creative machines overtake man”.
11-5-2015 No meeting
04-5-2015 No meeting
27-4-2015 Holiday
20-4-2015 Haiteng Jiang gave a talk titled “Gamma information flow in rat hippocampus is coordinated in theta rhythm”.
13-4-2015 Claudia Lüttke talked about her new results regarding adaptation in a McGurk paradigm.
06-4-2015 Holiday
30-3-2015 No meeting
23-3-2015 Reza Mohammadi gave a talk about Bayesian structure learning in sparse graphical models.
16-3-2015 Pasi Jylänki will give an introduction to Gaussian process models and describe some neuroscience applications.
09-3-2015 Nadine did a practice run for her top talent interview about whether visual imagery relies on similar neural mechanisms as visual perception.
02-3-2015 We discussed whether comparative anatomy could shed some light on the question of whether to expect different learning rules outside the neocortex.
23-2-2015 Rogier B. Mars talked about his MRI research for comparing brain organization between species.
16-2-2015 We discussed AMA comments (from reddit.com) of Michael I Jordan, Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun related to machine learning methods inspired by neuroscience.
09-2-2015 no group meeting
02-2-2015 Maurits Kaptein talked about the personalization of content on the web, the resulting multi-armed bandit problem etc
26-1-2015 Danilo Benozzo talked about Bayesian methods for causality estimation.
19-1-2015 Jan Hirschmann talked about Oscillatory Coupling between Basal Ganglia, Cortex and Muscle in Parkinson’s Disease.
12-1-2015 Lorena gave a talk entitled ‘ Investigating the spatio-temporal organization of episodic memory within a virtual world’;
05-1-2015 Marcel kicked off the new year and we discussed the Heidag
Christmas break
15-12-2014 Nadine gave a literature view on ‘Neural mechanisms of visual imagery’ and Sanne presented her new Decoding project.
08-12-2014 Sander Lestrade talked about ‘ Modeling the expectation of argument marking’.
01-12-2014 Elena Shumskaya discussed time-varying properties of brain connectivity “the chronnectome” based on the recent paper by Calhoun et al (journal paper).
24-11-2014 Haiteng Jiang talked about the roles of alpha and gamma oscillations in visual processing (an interesting journal paper on the topic).
17-11-2014 We watched a video lecture and discussed about causal entropic forces, which is an attempt to form a physical relationship between intelligence and entropy maximization (journal paper).
10-11-2014 Umut Güçlü talked about his work on encoding and decoding the ventral stream using deep convolutional neural networks.
03-11-2014 We first watched a video on the Blue Brain Project and then discussed the topic generally.
27-10-2014 Max Hinne did a practice run for his Donders Discussions talk titled “Bayesian Connectomics: where are your error bars?”
20-10-2014 Marieke van de Nieuwenhuijzen talked about her recent project “Differential modulation of feature representations in auditory perception”.
13-10-2014 Claudia Lüttke talked about the results of her current project with the title “Superior temporal gyrus favours congruent audiovisual stimulation above McGurk stimuli”.
06-10-2014 Freek Doesschate presented some results of his master thesis with the title “Correlates of integrating psychopathy into moral judgments”.
29-09-2014 Nadine Dijkstra will talk about uncovering the spatio-temporal dynamics of binocular rivalry.
22-09-2014 Haiteng talked about his current work on measuring directionality between neuronal oscillations of different frequencies.
15-09-2014 Pasi Jylänki talked about non-stationary heteroscedastic extensions for Gaussian process regression (MLSP 2014 preprint).
08-09-2014 We had a joint meeting between all the people who are working on parcellation methods at the Donders.
Summer break
07-07-2014 Ronald Janssen talked about recent developments in the computing cluster usage.
30-06-2014 We will discuss recent research presented in PRNI and HBM. We will discuss the following papers more closely: A Common, High-Dimensional Model of the Representational Space in Human Ventral Temporal Cortex; A Toolbox for Representational Similarity Analysis
23-06-2014 No meeting
16-06-2014 No meeting
09-06-2014 No meeting
02-06-2014 Yuliya talked about her recent research results on representation of mammals in human brain.
26-05-2014 Marcel did a practice run of his HBM talk.
19-05-2014 No meeting
12-05-2014 Meeting replaced by Irina’s defense for her thesis on conceptual representations in the brain.
05-05-2014 No meeting
28-04-2014 No meeting
21-04-2014 No meeting
14-04-2014 No meeting
07-04-2014 Haiteng Jiang talked about his research results on evaluating depression severity based on posterior alpha oscillation.
31-03-2014 Elena Shumskaya talked about neuronally-related and artefactual fluctuations in fMRI data, ICA denoising, and techniques for automatic denoising. We also discussed the paper Automatic denoising of functional MRI data: Combining independent component analysis and hierarchical fusion of classifiers.
24-03-2014 We watched a video lecture by Andrew Ng on unsupervised feature learning and deep learning, and discussed how these kind of methods can be applied to neuroscience.
17-03-2014 Claudia organized a lab meeting on anti-learning in TvA 2.00.15. Speakers: Peter Kok, Thomas Meindertsma, Irina and Marieke.
10-03-2014 A practice session for Luca’s PhD interview.
03-03-2014 A talk by Dr. Julian Tramper at 16h.
24-02-2014 A talk by Marinka Koenis at 12h.
17-02-2014 A talk by Tansu Celikel at 15.30.
13-02-2014 A talk by Prof. Bert Kappen at 15:00.
03-02-1014 Max Hinne will talk about his clustering work.
30-01-2014 We continued our discussion on the free-energy principle with the following simulation study: Life as we know it by Karl Friston (2013).
20-01-2014 We began discussing a very general topic regarding different brain theories and models. In this meeting we discussed The free-energy principle: a unified brain theory? by Karl Friston (2010).
13-01-2014 We had a brainstroming session regarding functional parcellation of the brain.
06-01-2014 We discussed several admin issues for the coming year.
30-12-2013 X-mas holiday
23-12-2013 X-mas holiday
16-12-2013 Marieke van de Nieuwenhuijzen
09-12-2013 Nadine Dijkstra
02-12-2013 Tobias Navarro
25-11-2013 13.30, Sp.A.3.06: Sennay Ghebreab (Intelligent Systems Lab, Amsterdam)
18-11-2013 13.30, Sp.A.4.19: Sander Bohte (NeuroInformatics Lab, Amsterdam) will talk about optimal scale selection in hierarchical models of early vision.
11-11-2013 Yuliya Berezutskaya will practice her PPM about ‘The representation of mammals in the human brain’.
04-11-2013 Heidag
28-10-2013 Freek ten Doesschate practiced his PPM on ‘Belief attribution in determining the blameworthiness of psychopath transgressors’
21-10-2013 Ronald Janssen did a test run for his SfN-talk
14-10-2013 Luca Ambrogioni presented his research project aimed to clarify the role of structural brain topology and local Alpha and Beta power in the formation of whole brain information flow patterns during congruent and incongruent audio-vision.
07-10-2013 Ali Bahramisharif did a practice run of his lecture for Bayesian Neurocognitive Modeling.
30-09-2013 Haiteng Jiang talked about cross frequency coupling & directionality.
23-09-2013 Elena Shumskaya talked about an optimised processing pipeline of resting-state fMRI data.
16-09-2013 Claudia Lüttke talked about the role of auditory cortices in audiovisual integration.
09-09-2013 Twan van Laarhoven talked about his work on axioms for graph clustering objective functions.
02-09-2013 Marcel van Gerven, start-up meeting new year
summer stop
24-06-2013 Marcel van Gerven
17-06-2013 no meeting, HBM
10-06-2013 Maarten Mennes
03-06-2013 Irina Simanova will talk about three papers concerning confounds in MVPA.
27-05-2013 Umut Güçlü talked about encoding fMRI responses to higher-order independent components of natural images (contour-cells?).
13-05-2013 Tijn Schouten talked about predicting gender and individual differences from estimated functional connectivity and how this may be confounded with partial volume estimates.
06-05-2013 Vicenç Gómez talked about Correcting connectivity estimates for unobserved common input in time series.
29-04-2013 brugdag
22-04-2013 Ronald Janssen talked about the great streamlining crisis of ’13: Results obtained and lessons learnt.
15-04-2013 Reinout Versteeg talked about the classification of functional connectivity by simulating data from sparse covariance matrices.
08-04-2013 Perry Groot talked about Gaussian processes
01-04-2013 Easter holiday
25-03-2013 No meeting
18-03-2013 Jack Gallant workshop
11-03-2013 No meeting
04-03-2013 Makiko Sedakata talked about Japanese speech perception, “sound of silence: Perception of Japanese geminates”.
25-02-2013 No meeting
18-02-2013 Sanne Schoenmakers presented her idea for her next project about decoding faces with highres fMRI and finding out which features map to FFA.
11-02-2013 Carnaval
04-02-2013 Marieke van de Nieuwenhuijzen talked about: Decoding Attended Information in Short-term Memory: An EEG Study (2013) by Larocque, et al.
28-01-2013 Elena Shumskaya talked about how the alterations in brain connectivity can be used as the prognostic indicators in various neurological diseases.
21-01-2012 Irina Simanova gave an update on her study: decoding semantic information from MEG signal in speech production.
14-01-2012 Haiteng Jiang showed results of his project entitled ‘can alpha predict memory performance in the presence of distractors’
07-01-2012 Umut Güçlü talked about “Unsupervised learning of invariant features for encoding fMRI responses to natural images”.
X-mas holiday
17-12-2012 Adnan Niazi presented his PPM about inducing mental states using abstract real-time fMRI neurofeedback and effect of inducing such states on behavioral task performance.
10-12-2012 Ronald Janssen talked about analysis of combined EEG/fMRI datasets, promise and disappointment.
03-12-2012 Max Hinne. Down the rabbit hole of Bayesian Connectomics; on practical matters such as the particular generative models and approximate inference.
26-11-2012 Marcel van Gerven talked about the Bayesian connectomics framework which is currently being developed within the group and how the framework can be expanded to other research in the group.
19-11-2012 Claudia Lüttke talked about her previous/current work on decoding tactile properties of visually presented objects with fMRI.
12-11-2012 Reinout Versteeg talked about “Decoding semantics across fMRI sessions with different stimulus modalities: a practical MVPA study“, by Akama et al. 2012
05-11-2012 Marieke van de Nieuwenhuijzen talked about her decoding of perception study with MEG and showed her preliminary results.
29-10-2012 Sanne Schoenmakers talked about her own character reconstruction with fMRI project and explained the method and showed her results.
22-10-2012 Irina Simanova talked about her conference poster “Practice presentation for the Neurobiology of Language conference”.
15-10-2012 Haiteng Jiang talked about Predicting Perceptual Decision Biases from Early Brain Activity. by Bode et al. (2012)
08-10-2012 Umut Güçlü talked about the method behind sparse autoencoders, deep models and convolutiona models.
01-10-2012 Ali Bahramisharif talked about a method for phase-amplitude coupling.
24-09-2012 Adnan Niazi talked about his method for analyzing fMRI online.
10-09-2012 Ali Bahramisharif
03-09-2012 Start-up meeting. We discussed the format of the meeting. Every week, in an informal setting, we will share new information and one of us will present current/future work, new ideas, or interesting papers. Occasionally we have external speakers or view interesting online talks.

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