Master students at Radboud University are welcome to join us on various projects at the interface between artificial intelligence and cognitive (neuro)science.

Projects aim at improving our understanding of human brain function by modelling and measuring how high-level cognitive function emerges in biological and artificial agents. We use advanced techniques (deep and recurrent neural networks, reinforcement learning, game theory) to model cognitive processes. Projects in our lab range from simulation and implementation of complex behaviour in artificial systems to modeling of cognitive processes in biological systems. Part of our work is of a theoretical (what are the principles underlying adaptive behaviour?) or applied (new developments in machine learning) nature. We also run empirical projects where neural and/or behavioural data is acquired as participants are engaged in complex behaviour. One may think of paradigms where subjects receive rich multisensory input or paradigms where subjects are engaged in game playing.

For potential topics please consult the publications page for background information.

Depending on the project, the ideal candidate is either someone with a quantitative background (artificial intelligence, computer science, math, physics) with an interest in theory and modelling or someone with an empirical background (cognitive neuroscience, systems neuroscience, behavioural science, cognitive science) with an interest in sensory processing and/or cognitive control.

In case you are interested in any of the mentioned topics then don’t hesitate to contact me. Just drop by my office (B.03.46) or send me an e-mail.